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Having been involved in the sport of cycling for the past 30 years at both an amateur and professional level, I have been able to try and evaluate many products and test their claims as to what they can provide for the athlete. Refresh is the one product that stands out in the hydration area. It has been formulated to provide a positive uptake of electrolytes, which in my experience has completely eliminated cramping, and provides a fluid uptake to the level of which I have not experienced before. This product seriously “walks the talk” and does what it needs to do…simple. Lots make claims but few live up to those claims. Refresh is definitely one that does what it is supposed to do. Best of all it tastes great!

Larry Zimich
World Masters Cycling Champion | 2x World Masters Games Gold Medalist | UCI Tour of Pakistan Stage Winner | BC Athlete of the Year Nomination | Provincial Cycling Champion – Road and 3x Hill Climb

Coming from a background of competitive swimming and quickly climbing to the top of competitive cycling at age 44, I know how important nutrition and proper hydration are to every athlete’s success.I was introduced to Refresh 2 years ago and have not used any other hydration product since. I could go into great detail but in short the product does exactly what it is advertised to do; “it works”! Plus, there is a variety of great flavours to choose from.

Krista Rawlings
2016 BC Masters Cyclocross Champion | BC Masters Cycling Association Multiple Gold Medalist



Refresh is a healthy and delicious electrolyte supplement that is great for all athletes! I couldn’t have made it through our 4000km/40 day cycling tour without it! I use the product as part of my everyday training routine and for long distance endurance rides.

I had the opportunity to use Refresh on a recent cycling tour from Calgary, AB to Los Angeles, CA which took forty days to complete (100-160 km a day most days). When doing long distance endurance rides, your energy supply is very important. Refresh was the perfect supplement to our regular water and gave us the energy we needed to make it through an eight to twelve hour ride, every day for forty days. Refresh came in extremely handy on our century rides as well as the trek through the Rocky Mountains. I now use Refresh for my daily sporting activities as part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s great for that daily one hour ride/workout as well as a long distance endurance tour. I highly recommend the product and will be a devoted Refresh supporter/consumer for years to come.

Shannon Lynn
Miss Canada 2009 | Cyclist and Century Rider | Founder – The Ride for Red (Celebrity Cycling Tour in support of the Red Cross)

I have been racing for 12 years, both mountain and road – the best energy drink / electrolyteproduct I’ve found is Refresh. Like it says on the label it’s, “lightly sweetened, lightly flavored.” I have used it in the extreme heat and in bitter cold. People always ask, “what are you using in your bottles?” My answer is the same, Refresh. It has been proven time and time again, it is not loaded up with sucrose (sugar) and sodium (salt) like so many of the other sports drinks out there. Thank you Refresh for a fantastic product!

Jeff Bandura
Team FloraGLO-Norco-StreetHawk Express | 4 time finisher of the Trans Rockies Challenge

Refresh has proved its worth to me. We have been racing in horrid heat (+ 40 C) in South America formany months. The formulation of Refresh meets our energy requirements and has prevented cramping in stages that have exceeded 200 km. Don’t limit your performance by relying on water alone for your hydration needs, use Refresh.

Eric Wohlberg
Symmetrics Cycling | 8-time Canadian Time Trial Champion

I have been using the Refresh drink mix for three seasons now. As far as I am concerned it is the best drink mix out there. I have had all my best results when I use it. I find it does not give me that “racer gut” when I’m done the race. I also love the taste. Blue is my favorite and followed very close by the orange. Whenever I bring it to a race everyone wants to borrow some. I never race without it.

Ricky Federau
Team Gears | World Cup and Canada Cup Racer

Symmetrics Cycling has raced in some extremely hot climates this year. Coming out of a cold Canadian winter it was definitely a shock, but with Refresh in my bottles it was no problem.

Marsh Cooper
Symmetrics Cycling | U23 champion Vuelta Sonora

I am a Masters mountain bike and road cyclist and have been racing for about 10 years now. Last year I won a gold medal at the Masters World Games as well as many other top finishes in National and International events over the years. While competing at this top level and training for these events I have found it very important to have a good drink to keep me hydrated and refreshed. Over the last few years I have used many different brands of hydration drinks but Refresh is by far the best. While I like the ingredients and taste, I especially like the fact that I do not get that “gummy mouth” problem I got from so many other products. Many thanks for such a great product.

Tony Routley
Masters Mountain Bike and Road Cyclist

I am a 48-year-old Cat4 and Masters road racer. I have been using Refresh Nazzy Razzy for two years now. It has put an end to stomach, leg and muscle cramps that I had been experiencing with other drink supplements during race events. Thanks for producing a consistent product that I can rely on.

Bryan Henderson
Team FloraGLO-Norco-StreetHawk Express

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using Refresh for over two years and am totally hooked. Primarily, I am involved in MTB endurance events, but also race and train on the road. Regardless of which bike I’m on, my water bottles are always filled with Refresh. Sometimes, on those really long, hot days in the saddle, I will combine it with a packet of your effervescent minerals. For recovery I mix it with my favorite protein powder. My current favorite flavour is cranberry. Great taste with great results. It simply works!!!

Michelle Nakano
MTB Endurance Event Participant

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great service you have provided for our company 5 Peaks Trail Running and our racers! In the last five years of our partnership you have helped hydrate over 50,000 people at over 125 events! Racers tell me time and time again how much they appreciate the Refresh hydration stations and that they don’t hesitate to fill their bottles with it before the race. It’s really the best rehydration product available. The service and quality of product you’ve provided 5 Peaks over the years is second to none.

Kathryn Stanton
Owner – National Race Director 5 Peaks Adventures Ltd